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Bocuse d’Or - Espace des Chefs

TUESDAY 29/01/2019 - WEDNESDAY 30/01/2019

24 of the most promissing chefs in the world will compete to win the most prestigious trophy of gastronomy.

Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie - Espace des Chefs

SUNDAY 27/01/2019 - MONDAY 28/01/2019

The world's greatest talents of pastry will be gathered in Lyon for an exceptional finale.

International Catering Cup - Espace des Chefs

SATURDAY 26/01/2019

12 international teams of caterers will be competing for the prestigious title of Best Caterer of the World.

Mass Trophy Winners' Battle – Cuisines en Scène

SATURDAY 26/01/2019 – From 9am

Nearly 30 years ago, the company Masse, foie gras specialists since 1884, launched the Trophée Masse. To date, the trophy has mobilised more than 76 stars and 17 holders of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France distinction. 
The Masse Trophy winners’ battle is back at Sirha for its second edition with the winners of previous editions who will concoct delicious gourmet dishes using foie gras!




French Barista Championship – Café Show


The event focuses on excellence in coffee and the promotion of the barista profession.

French Brewers Cup Championship – Café Show


The contest highlights artisan drip coffee, favouring hand brewed beans and excellent service.

French Coffee in Good Spirit Championship – Café Show


This championship aims to promote innovative recipes for beverages that highlight the association of coffee and spirits.

French Cup Tasting Championship – Café Show


This contest rewards the professional coffee taster (cupper) who will demonstrate the best speed, skills and accuracy in distinguishing between specialised coffees. 

French Championship of Latte Art – Café Show


This championship aims to highlight artistic expression in a contest that challenges baristas through a performance on demand.

4th French Championship of Gourmand Art – Maison de la Pâtisserie et de la Glacerie 

MONDAY 28/01/2019 - TUESDAY 29/01/2019

Under the presidency of Laurent LE DANIEL with Gabriel PAILLASSON as Honorary President, come and encourage the young teams for the title of “Champion of France of Gourmet Art!” The candidates will present a pastry creation and an ice cream creation. The creation theme is “Homage to Paul Bocuse”. 

9th European Championship of Frozen Desserts – Maison de la Pâtisserie et de la Glacerie 

WEDNESDAY 30/01/2019

Under the presidency of Ludovic MERCER, MOF, 6 participants will share the stage to present an artistic and gourmet creation combining ice cream, nougatine and chocolate. 

13th European Sugar Championship – Maison de la pâtisserie et de la Glacerie

SATURDAY 26/01/2019 - SUNDAY 27/01/2019

12 participants from around the world will work on raw sugar to create a masterpiece on the theme “Sustainable and urban pollination” 
President of the Jury Jérôme LANGILIER, World Pastry Champion.

1 Cheese Morger/1 Cook Contest – Cuisines en Scène

SUNDAY 27/01/2019 – From 2pm

Information available soon

European Butcher Competition – Cuisines en Scène

TUESDAY 29/01/2019 – From 9am

8 duos coached by the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, to spotlight technical of the European Butcher craftsmanship.

International Competition for Young Bakers - Tendances Pain

TUESDAY 29/01/2019 - WEDNESDAY 30/01/2019

Over the course of 2 days of contest, the most promising bakers on the international scene will demonstrate wonders in creativity and skills and will offer an unforgettable show. 

Concours Jeunes Sommeliers Auvergne Rhône-Alpes – Wine Bar

MONDAY 28/01/2019

The first edition of the ‘Concours Jeunes Sommeliers Auvergne Rhône-Alpes’ contest is presided over by Philippe Faure Brac, President of the French Professional Association of Sommeliers. 
Tests: MCQ about local wines and products from Auvergne Rhône Alpes/Tasting/Identification of 30 regional wine producing and tourist sites. The contest is organised by ‘Association des Sommeliers de Lyon et Rhône Alpes’ and ‘Œnothèque Auvergne Rhône Alpes’. 




Best Fishmonger Contest – Cuisines en Scène

WEDNESDAY 30/01/2019 – From 9am

One stage for two contests placing the emphasis on products from the sea: L’Ecaille D’Or and l’Empereur. On the menu: oyster opening speed test, seafood platter arrangement, preparation of fish fillets, presentation and arrangement of a fish stall, etc.

French Bakery Cup - Tendances Pain

SATURDAY 26/01/2019 - MONDAY 28/01/2019

12 teams of 3 bakers from the same region of France will compete over 3 days of challenges representing the bakery field

French Cup of Cheese Morgers - Cuisines en Scène

SUNDAY 27/01/2019 – From 9am

Formerly known as the ‘Concours National des Fromagers’, the ‘Coupe de France des Fromagers’ is organised by the ‘Union des Fromagers d’Auvergne Rhône-Alpes’ association. This year, it adopts a new name and a new logo! As part of the contest 16 participants will demonstrate the essential qualities and skills that are required of artisan cheese mongers through a series of different tests.




Festival of Gastronomic Creativity by Magazine Le Chef - Cuisines en Scène

MONDAY 28/01/2019 – From 9am

As usual since 2006, the Festival of Gastronomic Creativity is back for a new edition on the stage of Cuisines en Scène! The contest brings together top French chefs who endeavour to concoct the most creative recipes and dishes. 

Organised by Magazine Le Chef.

Gargantua, by Restau'Co - Cuisines en Scène

TUESDAY 29/01/2019 – From 1pm

Gargantua brings together the 8 winners from a series of regional rounds. They will be competing to win the title of Best Mass Catering Cook of France. The participants are all professionals working at school canteens, company restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, serving the people they feed every day. This contest is organised by Restau’Co.

Regional Qualifier - Best Pork Butcher/Caterer Apprentice of France - Cuisines en Scène

MONDAY 28/01/2019 – From 5pm

This contest is open to young participants who are in an apprenticeship programme and training to take the CAP professional qualifying exam (1st or 2nd year) or BAC PRO (1st or 2nd year). They must be under 21 years old to enter the contest. 
This regional round will determine the winners who will take part in the final that is held as part of the French ‘Salon de l’Agriculture’.

Maître d’Hôtel Trophy - Cuisines en Scène

SATURDAY 26/01/2019 - From 2pm

Organised by the French association ‘Service à la Française’ in partnership with GL events, the Maître d’Hôtel Trophy returns to the stage of Cuisines en Scène for a second edition. 6 finalists will demonstrate the excellence, tradition and innovation in their trade through a series of challenging tests.


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